Bamboo Pipeline sells over 10,000 varieties of plants and trees. If it is available in California, we supply it, with the highest attention to quality and service the industry has to offer.
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Bamboo Pipeline allows your to order wholesale nursery plants & trees online
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Read what our customers have to say about
their experiences with Monrovia products.

General Description: One of Orange County's premier residential landscape contractors. More than a doze times awarded the top residential installation prize from the Orange County Chapter of CLCA, while serving the region with excellence for more than 20 years.”

Why Monrovia: Innovative products contribute to innovative projects; "We notice the smiles on the faces of our customers when they see those Monrovia containers on the job site," says Ramiro.

Ramiro Rodriguez, Southwind Landscaping, Irvine, CA


General Description:Lilian Montalvo (South Pasadena) has gained a much deserved reputation as a leading designer and builder of outstanding projects ranging from private gardens to large estate landscapes. She specializes in climatically correct designs and removing the boundary between interior and exterior spaces.”

Why Monrovia: "My clients get excited when they see their plants coming from Monrovia Growers. I tell them that the quality, consistency and unique characteristics are more than worth the incrementally higher prices."

Lilian Montalvo, Lilian Montalvo Design, Los Angeles, CA


General Description:One of Napa Valley's premier high-end residential landscape contractors. Dexter Landscaping is able to serve at the uncompromising level of quality expected throughout the luxury residential market within Napa Valley, as well at its world renowned wineries.

Why Monrovia: "Our Projects require, and our clients demand, nothing but the very best in all aspects of their landscape projects. Monrovia then just becomes the obvious choice for plant material."

David Dexter, Dexter Estate Landscaping, Napa Valley, CA




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