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Bamboo Pipeline Announces LandSensesm Plants:
Plants that make Sense for California Landscapes

More than 400 plants that are low-water use, sustainable, attractive and readily available to help landscape professionals design and install eco-friendly landscape projects.

September 23, 2009—Bamboo Pipeline, in collaboration with a voluntary, expert panel of California’s leading environmental landscape architects, has assembled a broad database of trees, shrubs, and perennials that they have deemed ideal for today’s pressing environmental concerns to design and install water conserving, sustainable landscapes that are also beautiful.

“It’s invaluable to have resources like the LandSensesm plant palette when we’re choosing plants for our landscape designs. We strive to achieve beautiful gardens that use California’s and our clients’ resources sustainably; this objective is supported by a diverse list of readily-available, great-looking, lower-water-use plants—a list essential in our planning,” stated David Thorne, ASLA, Oakland, California when asked about why he supports the development and promotion of the LandSensesm plant palette.

The LandSensesm plant palette is available, at no cost, to any landscape professional simply by registering as a user on the Bamboo Pipeline web site ( “As California’s broadest and most complete distributor of plants to landscape professionals, it is only natural that we take a lead to help the industry navigate through the complex challenge of designing in low-water use, sustainable and eco-friendly plant material,” says Matt Fay, President of Bamboo Pipeline. “Simply by logging onto our web site and reviewing plant items from our database of over 10,000 plant varieties that we sell and ship directly to job sites throughout California and Nevada, a landscape professional can easily identify those plants we, and our expert panel, have designated as either LandSensesm plants or simply low-water use plants. Once logged in, the professional can then customize their own plant list—a list they can freely designate as a LandSensesm design—best suited for their locale and the specific needs of their customer.”

David Reed, ASLA, San Diego, California summed up both Bamboo Pipeline’s and the panel’s intentions best when he said, “Of all the things we as landscape professionals create, the most fragile, ephemeral and often the most beautiful are the planted portions of our landscape projects. So it is critical that we share our experience of what works for the eco-sensitive needs of California with all of our colleagues, contractors, landscape professionals and clients.”

Dirk Gaudet, ASLA, Los Angeles added, “With a larger selection of climate appropriate and native plant material provided by nurseries today, along with the greater demand to reduce water use and increase sustainability, the LandSensesm plant palette is a great reference, not only for plant types, but also for confirming availability from a wide reach of nursery growers.”

Bamboo Pipeline does not require any of the plants used in a LandSensesm design to be sourced through Bamboo Pipeline in order to be designated as an eco-friendly, low water use, LandSensesm landscape project. And, again, access to the database is free of charge simply by registering on their web site. “We have been successful in building Bamboo Pipeline into the fastest growing green goods distribution business in the United States and are very grateful to our customers for putting us in this position of leadership. Along with our volunteer panel of leading landscape architects, we think this is an appropriate way to ‘give back’ to an industry that has placed so much faith in our ability to serve their needs,” concluded Glenn Griffee, Vice President of Bamboo Pipeline.

Contact: Mike Cornell, Bamboo Pipeline, 805-764-2600,


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