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  Availability Across Thousands of Varieties—Bamboo Pipeline sells thousands of varieties of plants and trees. We deliver the broadest selection of varieties in the market today. If it is grown in the West Coast, we can deliver it to your job-site. On your own, plant selection is limited to, maybe, a dozen nurseries. With Bamboo Pipeline, you have access to literally hundreds of growers. Bottom Line: N/A's cost money and compromise designs. We help eliminate N/A's.

  Highest Level of Quality in the Business—Bamboo Pipeline provides Market Bestsm plants, the highest quality plants available in the wholesale market. Also, our team is here to help provide the knowledge you need to choose the plants that are right for your job and make sure you are always satisfied with the results. Bottom Line: Quality Plants Save Money and Sell Jobs
  World-class Delivery Services and Logistics—Our truck arrives where you want it, when you want it and how you want it. When you partner with Bamboo Pipeline, you eliminate multiple deliveries from various nurseries, saving time and money at your job site. Bottom Line: Better Jobsite Productivity with Complete and Timely Deliveries
  Web-ordering and GreenLinkssm to Greatly Improve your Business—Our web tools will help to professionalize and streamline your business, allowing you to create your plant list in minutes, then email the plant list with photos and your logo, direct to your Customer or sales prospects. Bottom Line: Sell More Projects and Increase Margins by Using Professional Tools

  Eco-friendly and Drought Tolerant Plant Selections—Choosing eco-friendly plants has become easier thanks to LandSensesm by Bamboo Pipeline. LandSensesm plants have been selected because they require less water and appeal to the increasing need for sustainability, while still being aesthetically pleasing and readily available. Look for LandSensesm options as you order online at Bottom Line: Save Your Customer Money and Sell More Projects Offering Eco-friendly Plants
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