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Daylilies - Beautiful for a Day - All Year Long

Hemerocallis, meaning "beautiful for a day" comes from the Greek hemera meaning "day" + kalos meaning "beautiful", and refers to the fleeting perfection of each bloom which lasts but one day. The average, run of the mill daylily blooms about 45 days each year. However, varieties selected for their superior performance in the landscape, such as those grown by Greenwood Daylilies and Monrovia Growers, can bloom for an astounding 275 days a year. Combine early and late bloomers for an unbelievably long season of bloom.

A nearly perfect perennial, daylilies thrive in any soil type, grow in sun or shade, tolerate wet conditions or dry, are good for erosion control or firescaping, have no serious pests and require little care.

Daylilies provide Landscape Professionals an enormous variety in terms of size, height, stature, color and use. Colors run the entire spectrum from ivory cream to nearly black. There's even a daylily with variegated foliage. 'Golden Zebra', new from Monrovia this year, is a compact grower with dramatic gold striped foliage and large yellow-gold flowers.

Great minglers and mixers, daylilies really shine when massed. Savy Designers and Landscapers are using long blooming, named varieties massed for color in the same way they may use annual bedding plants.

Above you'll find just a few of the peak performers that are typically available throughout the year from Bamboo Pipeline.


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