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Hassle-Free Delivery

We provide no-hassle deliveries with no surprises.

You want on-time deliveries. You want your materials delivered directly to the job site on the right day and time. You want to get exactly what you ordered. You want no excuses.

Now you’ve got it! Bamboo Pipeline uses the most advanced combination of expertise, technology and logistics deployed in the entire landscape industry. You are assured complete and accurate delivery, often within 24 hours of your order.

You’re on a schedule. You have a project to finish.

When a Bamboo Pipeline truck pulls up to your job site, your problems are solved!

You Now Have Exactly What You Ordered.

Our team of experts uses the latest technology to buy, sell and distribute landscape materials across the West. By sourcing from hundreds of nurseries, specialty growers and landscape material suppliers, Bamboo Pipeline delivers the high-quality materials you need to build repeat business.

Our 3-step inspection process guarantees the accuracy of your order.

  1. At the supplier, we verify the count and the quality of the material before taking ownership.
  2. At our distribution center, a certified nursery professional does another quality review as materials are off-loaded.
  3. Before delivery to your job site, we verify your complete order for accuracy and quality.

You always get exactly what you order without any hidden surprises at time of delivery.

You Now Have Deliveries Exactly Where and When You Want Them.

Multiple deliveries disrupt a job site. Our trucks arrive where and when you want them. Have your entire order delivered on one truck or choose to have different types of landscape materials delivered at different times to suit each stage of your project. Select irrigation and drainage items for immediate shipment, then your boxed trees, then shrubs and ground covers to finish the job.

Bamboo Pipeline “Driver Service Representatives” are the best in the business. Professional, courteous, and knowledgeable, they are equipped with GPS tracking devices and maintain constant communication so that we can give you instant feedback on the status of your order.

24 Hour Response Time

Our trucks deliver to your job site with NO minimum delivery amount and NO delivery charges*

GPS Delivery Tracking

Our fleet of trucks is always on the road for you, delivering orders and picking up new inventory daily. We’ve made our mark by filling and delivering complete orders within 24 hours or less. Get your order in to us by lunchtime and we’ll deliver the next day if that is what you need.

*Some restrictions apply

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