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Green to the Power of 2

carbon footprintAt Bamboo Pipeline, our trucks go out full everyday for jobs, then the same trucks are dispatched again from their remote locations to pick-up plants and trees at growers throughout California. So, our trucks go out full everyday and come back full everyday.


California based Bamboo Pipeline is the West’s fastest growing landscape supply company--serving more than 2,000 contractors and related landscape professionals with the complete list of plants, trees, and other landscape supplies direct to the job-site.  As such, Bamboo Pipeline is a logistics company as much as anything else; its fleet of 20 trucks crisscross the state both picking up material from the best growers and nurseries throughout the West and delivering that same material to project sites.

During a recent management retreat, the executives at Bamboo Pipeline discussed the impact that they, as a company, have on the environment and what more can be done to help reduce the “carbon footprint” of the green industry.  Clearly, by driving that many miles on the streets and highways of the West, Bamboo Pipeline must have a significant impact.

Mike Cornell, President of Bamboo Pipeline, said “We provide a meaningful service that helps reduce the industry’s fuel costs and ‘carbon footprint’ through our logistics model.”  Cornell continued, “At Bamboo Pipeline, our trucks go out full every day with plants for jobs, then, following the completion of those deliveries, the same trucks are dispatched again from their remote locations to pick-ups at growers throughout California.”  “So, our trucks go out full every day and come back full every day.”  He went on to explain that this is much different than a grower sending a truck out full and returning empty or when a contractor sends an empty truck to a nursery for a pick-up.  The wholesale market for plants in California is roughly $2 billion; that means there are hundreds of empty trucks driving thousands of miles dropping off or picking up plants.  Obviously, Bamboo Pipeline provides a meaningful alternative to landscape professionals who are thinking of reducing fuel costs while, at the same time, helping reduce the impact of emissions.

So, Bamboo Pipeline is Green—to the power of 2!  We ship incredible plants direct to your job-site while significantly reducing the industries carbon foot print; fewer miles on the road and more clean air as a result.  

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