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Help and Assistance With the Website

If you do not already have a Username and Password, simply call our office at 888-288-1619 and ask to speak to an Account Specialist.

The New Project link of our website enables you to create a new project, assign it a name, and select items for your project from our on-line catalog. You can locate the New Project link on the vertical navigation bar on the left-side of your "My Account" webpage. You have the choice of saving the project information as an estimate for future use or submitting the information as an order to be delivered to your job site.

The estimates and orders for your account are stored within the "Projects" link located in the green horizontal navigation bar. This section of our website enables you to keep track of your projects – whether they are estimates or current/past orders.

  • Estimates - This section lists all of your project estimates. By clicking on the Web Estimate # adjacent to the Project Name, you can view, update or print the estimate details. You can also select individual items or all of the items and create an order. If desired, you have the option to contact Bamboo Pipeline to re-price expired estimates. 
  • Orders - This section lists project orders that are in process or have been shipped. By clicking on the Web Order # adjacent to the Project Name, you can view or print the order details.

The Favorites section of our website enables you to select items from the on-line catalog that you use most often and allows you to save them in a Favorites list. By creating a Favorites list, you can save time searching for items and entering quantities when creating future estimates and orders. To add to an existing Favorites list, start a new project, add items as desired, and then save this new list to the Favorites list you wish to append.

If you have a project "in process", there will be a View List icon in the lower left navigation window of the website. From any webpage, you may view your "in process" list by clicking on this icon. By viewing your cart or active list, you can continue to add or edit your current estimate/order. There can only be one (1) estimate or order open at a given moment. An unsaved project must be saved as an estimate or deleted before a new order can be created.

The Account Info section of our website enables you to view your account information including your contact and website access info. If this information needs to be updated, please call 888-288-1619 or email the Bamboo Pipeline offices at

Help and Assistance With Your Order

To cancel your order, please call our office 888-288-1619 and speak with one of our Account Specialists. Restock fees may apply.

If you need to delete items, change item quantities, or require other changes, please call our office and speak with one of our Account Specialists at 888-288-1619.

If you determine that you want to return an item at time of delivery, simply inform our Driver Service Representative. If you determine that you want to return an item after the delivery has been made, please contact our office and speak with an Account Specialist within 24 hours of the delivery.

All orders placed on the website require a delivery date. We make every effort to meet your delivery requirements and, if requested, can typically deliver within 24 hours on weekdays (excluding a few holidays) assuming the items are available in the market. Whenever possible, we encourage scheduling your delivery a few days in advance. The delivery time for your order will be based on the following:

  • Time we received your order: We make every effort to deliver your order within 24 hours when requested.
  • Special instructions included on the order: You may indicate a specific delivery time by using the Special Instructions box on the order.
  • Delivery schedule: If your delivery time is flexible, delivery time will be set when the delivery truck is routed for the next day of deliveries.

We will do our best to accommodate delivery time requests.

If you need to reschedule a delivery, please call our office and speak with one of our Account Specialists.

Most deliveries are made in residential neighborhoods so we try to limit our deliveries to the hours between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. On an exception basis, we can arrange for special day and time deliveries. Call our office and speak with an Account Specialist if you have any special requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Call our office at 888-288-1619 and ask to speak with an Account Specialist. Outside of regular office hours, you can also go to our "Sign In" button on the right-hand side of each webpage to submit a request form. Our Account Specialist will discuss the range of products and services we offer and help determine how we can best service your needs. You will be given a Username and Password so that you can access our on-line catalog and begin placing orders.

Definitely not; by working daily with hundreds of growers, Bamboo Pipeline is the broadest supplier of all kinds of green goods in the United States; Specimen trees down through groundcover and everything in between. We also supply other materials for your landscape project such as irrigation and outdoor lighting.

Long story. But in short, Bamboo Pipeline represents the most innovative combination of both green goods supply and distribution: Bamboo symbolizes trustworthiness, strength, flexibility and resilience; Pipeline symbolizes a system through which something is conducted, especially as a means of supply.

In most cases, we can deliver within 24 hours of receipt of an order. 80% of orders are filled within 72 hours.

When you factor in the total costs of buying including: delivery charges, searching for hard to find items, quality issues and returns (we are the highest quality supplier in the market) etc., the total cost of a Bamboo Pipeline product should be less expensive than your nursery alternatives.

Currently, Bamboo Pipeline serves nearly all of California daily and most of Nevada within 72 hours of receipt of an order. We also will deliver to other points in the Western United States by arrangement.

Bamboo Pipeline serves landscape professionals who require a range of payment options. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards. We also provide C.O.D. (Collect on Delivery) terms. For those with excellent credit history, open Bamboo Pipeline accounts are available.

If an item is not listed on our website, you may identify your needs in the Special Instructions section of your order (or call us directly). The Special Instructions section provides space so that you can provide as much detail about the item as is necessary. Assuming the item is available in the marketplace, we will deliver with the balance of your order. In some unusual cases, you will receive a call from one of our Account Specialists to discuss the range of options available to you for a particularly rare or hard to supply item.

On most items, there is no additional charge for shipping. Items tagged with the "crane" icon may be subject to special handling charges. Sod deliveries less than 1,000 square feet will have shipping charges. Additional freight charges may also apply to deliveries outside of our typically served geographies or where special pest inspection and spray charges are applicable. For deliveries to more remote locations (i.e. Nevada, San Luis Obispo area, Central Valley or Imperial County), a modest additional delivery charge will apply. A $75 delivery fee will be applied to shipments less than $750 within our major delivery markets in both Southern and Northern California.

We currently do not have a minimum order requirement for delivery.

No. We also accept phone and fax orders. You can also email inquiries and orders to However, you will automatically receive an Internet Discount for all orders placed via the website.

Bamboo Pipeline has arrangements with over 600 growers and suppliers throughout the West so that we can deliver "Market Best" plant material and other landscape accessories directly to you.

In the "My Account" section of the website, you will locate the link "I Forgot My Password" in the left-side navigation bar – click here to retrieve your password by submitting either your username or email address. You can also call our office 888-288-1619 and speak with an Account Specialist to retrieve your username and password.

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