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Email Plant List with Photos to Your Customer

Directions for Emailing a Plant List to Your Customer

A) Click on the project that you would like to email. Click "Send Email".
My projects listing

B) "Browse" to locate your logo file for uploading, if desired. Click the logo icon to upload your logo.

Email Project with logo screen

F) Enter your customer's email address and customize an email message to your customer.

Email Project with logo full screen

G) Click "Save & Preview" to see estimate as your customer will see it.

D) Select to "Hide" or "Show" pricing, with the option to include markup. Enter markup, if desired.

My projects listing

H) Review final estimate. Options are available to save; save and preview estimate; save and email; or go back to project to edit it.

Congratulations! You've just finished Step 2. Next in Tutorial Step 3 see how your customer views the email.


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